Dewzen L.L.C. is committed to designing and manufacturing quality products which are easy to install.

We understand frustration when your new purchase doesn't fit on your car. We design our products smart to fit most configurations. We will also work with you if designs changes must be made to ensure your satisfaction.

We understand the aggravation when installing aftermarket parts to your car. We design our products so they are adjustable. We also ship your parts to you partially or fully assembled so your installation is quick and easy.

We understand quality. We design our products to exceed the need you bought them for. We want you to buy with confidence, knowing your product will last and your race day will be a little bit better for it.

    Beadlock Conversions

    The Dewzen team is proud to announce our 2018 product launch: Beadlock Conversions


    Our beadlocks are CNC manchined and designed for maximum durability with minimal weight - each set of double beadlocks only add 6 pounds to your rim.



    15" Single: $355 per rim

    15" Double: $600 per rim

    16" Single: $455 per rim

    16" Double: $675 per rim

    Black powdercoating option: $15 per ring

    *prices do not include shipping and handling charges

    LEAD TIME: 3-5 business days


    To learn more about our conversions send us a message, give us a call at 603-595-2878, or shoot us an email at



    "Thank you and your company for the fantastic service and high quailty parts!! This type of service after the sale is unheard of here in Canada, and all companys should take a lesson from you guys."

     - Brian Cassidy


    “After using my new bottle holder at three races I have to say, it is pretty awesome! ... It is really easy and doesn't require tools, the tightening nuts only require finger tightness as there is no way the bottle will come out of this well designed holder. I look forward to trying new Dewzen products!"

    - Dan Oldham


    "A huge thank you to Marc and the whole Dewzen family for providing us sportsman racers with exceptional parts for our race cars! Not only do their products work great but they look awesome as well!"


    - Ed Mccleaft 

    "Dewzen products not only have industry leading fit and finish, but they are stronger than all other competitors."

    - Denny Terzich